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I was bringing my child to school when a driver in truck # 48181 came of the interstate in swanton turning left with no consideration there was traffic coming, i had to slam on my breaks causing my vehicle to fish tale with my child in the car on already slick/greasy roads. I then wanted to get the license plate # but it was dirty and the driver was also speeding.

It was a 30 mph zone. I was able to get the truck number only after i hit 40 mph & he then drove about 50 mph in a 30 mph zone. I got home called land air express new england & spoke to a manager named Jason. He got all info from me and then tried to make me feel like a complete idiot saying he could see the driver was going only 32 mph.

Im sorry but i had to hit 40 mph just to get within distance enough to see the truck # so i know he was going faster than 40 in a 30 and him causing me to slam on my breaks fish tailing with my child in the car should be enough to clarify he was driving dangerous.

Jason said he would "speak" with said driver but i feel nothing will be done about this. This driver made my child and self unsafe and we could have got hurt, and the manager made me feel like a complete idiot and that they could care less if a accident was to happen!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Land Air Express Vehicle Driver.

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